Queer Home,
Queer Rites of Passage,
Letters to Joseph
Mendal Diana Polish
Queer Home
Queer Home is a photographic series, charting a hand-made path that foregrounds the intentional building of inter-generational queer family.

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Queer Home

  • On ViewApril 3 - April 5
  • ReceptionSaturday, April 4, 7-9pm
  • LocationThe Boiler Room
Queer Rites of Passage, Letters to Joseph
Queer Rites of Passage is a compilation of shorts by various filmmakers that marks significant milestones in our lives that vary from the hetero-patriarchal rites we’re taught to grow into.

Letters to Joseph is a short film about my relationship to my former student, Joseph, now serving life after a successful reentry experience following a 25 years sentence. I continue to struggle making sense of the violence he perpetrated, and grapple with questions of healing and forgiveness through our exchange of letters.
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Queer Rites of Passage, Letters to Joseph