For the Time Being
Jonna McKone
Yields, For the Time Being
It was the untimely death of my father that brought two distinct works together. The moment of impact and then, the ensuing ineffability of loss. I borrow the words of Giuliana Bruno: “one lives a film as one lives the space that one inhabits, as an everyday passage, tangibly.”

Yields meditates on deterioration and loss through a series of short vignettes that aggregate to express how absurdly intertwined a place can become with what it produces. The abrupt severing of an industry central the community and the failure of industrial promise is felt in sound, landscape, gesture and labor.

For the Time Being finds its structure through a series of explorations of places and materials significant in my own familial memory and history. I go to these places alone and with my father or mother. My words interweave with my father’s as I linger on his lessons, the rules of filmmaking and the dream-like nature of memories.

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